Far Cry 5

For the first time in the brand’s history, Far Cry 5 offers us complete freedom to roam freely in a seemingly tranquil but deeply depraved part of America. As the new junior sheriff of fictional Hope County, Montana, we will find that Hope County is overshadowed by a fanatical cult called “Project at Eden’s Gate,” led by the charismatic prophet Joseph Seed and his loyal siblings, the Heralds becomes. We notice that everyday life in the small town of Hope County has been taken over almost unnoticed by the fanatical cult, this plan for the cult’s takeover and control of the small town has been accelerated by our arrival. Under siege and cut off from the rest of the world, our mission in Hope County is to ignite a fire of resistance to free ourselves and the community from the violent doomsday sect.

We’ll be able to explore a vast Hope County landscape: its rivers, fields, the sky and beyond, the next Far Cry installment offers one of the largest selections of customization weapons and vehicles that has ever existed. We will be the heroes in a gripping world that leaves nothing unpunished and in which all the places you discover and all the locals who join you influence the course of the story in unpredictable ways.

Spacial properties in Far Cry 5:

The Fire of the resistance against an fanatic cult

We are stranded in hostile territory and must unite the community around us and lead it against the cult. Along the way we meet a lot of interesting characters, including Mary May, a bar owner, Nick Rye, a family man and airplane enthusiast, and Pastor Jerome, a preacher whose flock was led in the wrong direction. Armed helpers: We recruit armed reinforcements and control the skills of up to three helpers at the same time to fight “Project at Eden’s Gate”. Animal helpers: we use animals specifically in the fight against the cult in order to defeat our opponents and drive the cult out of Hope County. The animals can be controlled depending on the style of play. For the first time, we can also team up with friends to experience the entire campaign in two-player co-op. Immediately after the tutorial we can go out with our friends in Hope County and free the small town from the sect, but the campaign progress and the quest items only remain with the host of the started co-op game. The other player can take his experience and equipment with him. In addition, each of you collects your own loot separately.

FC5 commented Walkthrough

Choose Your Own Path

Far Cry® 5 offers complete freedom. We decide what, when and how happens. From the moment we enter Hope County, we have full control and decide for ourselves when and how we want to tackle missions. For the first time in Far Cry®- we are the heroes of the story and can create and customize our own characters. With the in-game editor we can create our very own Far Cry® experience.

A changing world

The open game world offers innumerable possibilities and reacts dynamically to the actions and decisions of us players, who can fight Joseph Seed and his fanatical supporters in our very own way. The resistance meter changes the world drastically as the game progresses – every action advances the story. We disrupt the sect’s apocalyptic preparations to face Joseph Seed’s family members, the Heralds, in epic showdowns. Our decisions influence the world and create unimagined possibilities for play.

FC5 COOP Full Trailer

 A lot of Toys to play with

We explore Hope County with typical American vehicles such as muscle cars, off-road vehicles, tractors and many more. For the first time, planes are available to fight the cult’s minions in and out of the air. There is much to discover in the natural surroundings of Montana and players can hunt, fish and explore every inch of the land in the wild.

“Friends on Call” will be already available by the time of release of Far Cry 5

To call for help in breaking up the cult in Hope County, we can use “Help on demand” and “Four-legged friends on demand”. Even if we are already on the road with another player, there is still the possibility of adding another member to his team. With the Far Cry 5 COOP mode “Friends on Demand” up to two players can explore Hope County and fight the project in Eden’s Gate together in surprising and chaotic ways. Far Cry 5 will be released on February 27, 2018 for PlayStation® 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Windows PC.

For more information on Far Cry 5, visit farcry.com For the latest information on Far Cry 5 and all other Ubisoft games, visit our Ubiblog at ubiblog.com

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