Aim Controller Playstation VR

accessories for more play fun on the playstation vr

Target captured

The PS VR Aim controller was specially developed for the Playstation VR. With this controller you dive deeper in an adventure and benefits in compatiable PS VR games of incredible precision.

With the integrated motion sensors and build in with the Playstation camera you kann eliminate enemies with deathly precision. The controller vabrates in our hand or you feel the recoil on the weapon, when you pull the trigger. This creates a physical connection with the VR world.

Adaptive control

Twin-Sticks und DUALSHOCK 4-Steuerung

You can move your Character with Twin-Sticks and Dualshock 4 controller for left- as also righthands through the virtual worlds. You are ready with this equiment to rush yourself into the action and the fun of a virtual game.

Wir bewegen uns mit Twin-Sticks und DUALSHOCK 4-Steuerung für Links- wie auch Rechtshänder durch die virtuellen Welten. Wir sind in kompatiblen Spielen jederzeit bereit uns in die Action zu stürzten und Spaß zu haben.

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