Days Gone

Day Gone is an open world action game that plays two years after a mysterious global plague that killed the most people of the world population and made the dead peoples to a lifeless wild creatures, in a violent desert in the Northwest pazific. The Survivors in this apocalypse live in a world in which the resources are low, violent, murder and freakers, that roam the wilderness, are common.

The player will deal with the violent new world by the character Deacon St. John. These character is a bounty hunter that is in a lawless wilderness outside of civilisation. Deacon survive by using his abilities that he learnt before the plague begins. Deacon drives for Mongrels MC an forbidden motorcycle club. Master the numerous dangers posed by freakers, hostile human factions, ruined roads and unpredictable weather events. Days Gone is a journey of discover to answer the question, how we would react by such difficult Conditions and to detect the loss of love, friendship, vengeance and despair.

Key Features

Convincing story – at its core, it’s about loss and hope. You play Deacon st. John a Marauders and bounty hunters. His previous life as a lawless biker helps him to survive in this violent world that caused through the worldwide pandemic. Broken by a deep and personally loss. Deacon fight to survive, during he fight to find a reason to live further.

Open world – the power of the Playstation 4 and the Unreal Engine 4 will be use to represent for the player a realistic and level of details open world experience. You have the possibility with Deacon’s Bike to discover the vast and hostile environment of Days Gone.

Brutal sandbox fights – a free gameplay style. Days Gone offers you the freedom to discover, develop a strategy to survive in this brutal world. You have the possiblity to customize weapons and abilities or you build a trap.


-Newts are people who got infected in their youth and who quickly strike out of the shadows.
-A horde can consist of several hundred Freakers who go hunting together.
-Rest in Peace, or R.I.P .; It’s a cult worshiped by the Freakers. The members call themselves Rippers, dress up as Freakers and attack other people.
-In addition to looters and other drifters, anarchists are other human opponents with whom you have to fight in the course of the game. -The partially infected animal world, in which, for example, pumas, wolves, bears and ravens called screechers are dangerous to the protagonist.

Days Gone is develop by Bend Studio and will release on the 26. April 2019 and the game will be only release on the Playstation 4. The age rating is 18 years.

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