Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight has been specially developed for virtual reality devices and takes you into the sky above one of the most visited cities in the world, where you can fly around as free as a bird and experience exciting dogfights.

Five years after humanity disappeared from the face of the earth, nature and wildlife are taking back the cities and making Paris a breathtaking playing field for you. As an eagle you soar past famous landmarks and dive down narrow streets to fight your enemies and defend your territory.

Thanks to the revolutionary VR control, you will learn to perform impressive flight maneuvers after a few minutes. Aside from the game’s other innovations, flying in virtual reality has never been so easy and comfortable.

Whether you want to get to know Paris from a bird’s eye view or want to lead the exciting life of a bird of prey on the hunt, Eagle Flight makes these dreams come true.

Overview of the features of Eagel Flight



You fly through the sky over Paris with the sound of the wind in your ears and experience the feeling of absolute freedom as you glide past magnificent sights.

You refine your flying skills in single player missions such as ring courses and hunting challenges.

You will also explore the city to find hidden collectibles and hidden passageways that will give you the upper hand in multiplayer.


You will experience Paris in a fantastic new guise, where the vegetation comes into its own and wild animals play hide and seek in the streets. You fly through Paris, from the top of the Eiffel Tower down through narrow streets to the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral. Eagle Flight gives you complete freedom to explore Paris from a bird’s eye view.


In Eagle Flight you experience a real multiplayer adrenaline rush with up to six players. You use your flying skills to lead your team to victory in two multiplayer modes. As a bird of prey, you keep an eye out for your prey from the highest vantage point and then plunge down to hunt it down. You have to be precise and agile to gain the upper hand and use the narrow streets and secret passages to shake off pursuers.


Based on its research on VR games, Ubisoft has developed a new flight controller that reduces the likelihood of motion sickness to a minimum and enables each of you to quickly master your flying skills. In Eagle Flight you determine the flight path by moving your head. With this intuitive innovation and taking full advantage of VR technology, you can fly extremely precisely, making Eagle Flight easily accessible.


Eagle Flight was specially developed for virtual reality with the aim of offering an incomparable flight experience that is also incredibly comfortable. Thanks to the intuitive controls, high refresh rate and many other innovations, the likelihood of motion sickness is greatly reduced, making Eagle Flight a VR game for everyone.

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