Onimusha: Warlords

Capcom’s classic Samurai adventure Onimusha: Warlords will be published soon on the Playstation 4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch and Steam. The Game was published in 2001 it was a Game with fascinating action together with a great story. The Game has sold two million exemplars worldwide. Capcom brings the original Onimusha: Warlords with improvement back.

Story of Onimusha:Warlords 

We follow Samurai Akechi and Ninja Kaede on a trip full of fights ad Quests to save the princess Yuki out of the hand of mystic demon legion, who captured the Inabayama castle. As both walked through the castle discovered they who is responsible for the abduction of princess Yuki is.We must vanquish the boss with an sword based fight, a magic Oni Gauntlet and the ability to solve puzzles. We must utilize our physical strength and creativity, to defeat the demonic enemies.

Akechi protect the princess Yuki

Checklist of the improvements for Onimusha: Warlords:

  • a improved graphics (that is understandable!).
  • Options for huge displays as wel as T.V. screens (That is good, because I have not anymore an tube T.V!).
  • Analog sticks will be supported (What in the past exist no analog sticks, Oh ).
  • A new soundtrack.
  • Simple Mode is right at the beginning available.
  • Picture mode switch between original and wide Picture format (16:9)
  • in the wide Picture format receive we a zoom function.
  • The camera perspective keep still we can not change the perspective.
Onimusha Trailer


We will be fighting in a sword to comes to save of the princess. Our sword Katana will help us by this mission and also the magic Oni- Gauntlet, who absorb all demonic souls too gain new strength or to upgrade an weapon. Kaede set his sword in and a huge arsenal of weapons to defeat the demons.

Akechi fights against an demonic enemy

Onimusha: Warlords will be released on 15. January 2019 on Playstation 4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch and Steam. In North america you can pre order the Game now, the digital version is in a later time available. In Europa is only the digital version available. The Game remains a solo player.

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