DOOM Enternal

That from id software developing DOOM® Eternal™ is the predecessor of the successful Game DOOM® (2016). Experience the nonplus ultra in stuff like Speed, potency and a true quantum leap of harder First Person Action. Come back as Doom Slayer to retribution against the might of the Hell. request with new weapons and skills, you take it as butcher between dimension with new and old Demons. Suspend your heart a beat out, then it could be the guilty of the soundtrack of Mick Gordon. Doom going to release on playstation 4, XboxOne, and PC. when you can  buy DOOM® Eternal™ in the store isn’t clear yet. 


Slayer 2.0

Unleash the overwhelming power of the Doom Slayers. With a improved armor and a arsenal of upgraded new equipment you are now faster also deadly then ever. Use a Shoulder cannon with a flamethrower, an extendable blade and a new sprint ability to go in the battlefield. Destroy every Demon that come in your way. grateful of new Weapons and Mods.
Why not attach the new butcher hook to your super shotgun to pull the faces of hell right in front of your helmet visor?

Tear and shred

Pulverize more Demons then ever before and learn new Attacks and skills to counter the Demons. Famous Fan-classic like Pain Elemental, Archiviles and the Arachnotros comes back and receive support of the new Demons like the destinyhunter and corrupt marauders. with the new “destroy able Demons” – The System of Doom Eternal feels stronger as ever before.

New invasion

As Slayer have you the optional, invite real players in shape of Demons in your campaign – and make every game pass to a dramatic and unpredictable experience or attach yourself to the Demons. Become to a Demon and go to the campaign of your friend or attend other players. Start alone or with a other player an invasion. Establish a new hunters group to show the Slayer, what the Hell really have ready for him.

We are not anymore on the Mars

Fight through epic, never exit worlds before. Be witness to the collapsing skyscrapers of hell on earth. Fight in the BFG 10.000 to Phobos against invasion and unveil the age-old secrets of the Doom universe. The id Tech 7- Engine raise every circumstance with unprecedented detail to life.

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