Devil May Cry 5

Dante in a fight

Story of Devil May Cry 5

Years after the Legions of Hell set foot in the world, there is a new demonic inversion, and humanity’s last hope rests with three demonic hunters, each hunter offering a plethora of different fighting styles. United by fate and thirst for revenge, these hunters must overcome their own demons if they want to survive.

Features of Devil May Cry 5

  • The series of Devil May Cry that has been sold 16 Million exemplars, is back with the original director Hideaki Itsuno as responsible for the development.
  • A Demon inversion starts with a “Demon tree” which root herself in the City of Red Grave City. This hellish inversion arouse the attention of the young Demon hunter Nero, which is a ally of Dante, who don’t have his arms anymore and lost with that the source of his most forces .
  • The supernatural Family drama continuous as Dante, the son of Sparda search after vengeance bribery of his brother and for the assassination of the mother. 
  • Three playable characters each with unmistakable other stylist fight System. play your style you prefer and eliminate the Demons that captured the city.
  • Devil may Cry 5 will be develop with the Capcom house RE Engine, the series will continuous new highs in photo realistic character design and will be utilize an overpowering light- and environment effects.
  • Fight against huge bosses in adrenaline filled fights by the captured Demons city. of Red Grave City.
  • Nero one of the main characters of the series and a younger Demon hunter, who shares the blood with sparda, is on the way to the Red Grave City, to set something against the hellish attack of the Demons, with a gunsmith and the new partner-in-crime Nico.    

New area will be released in spring 2019 with legendary over the top action which is a trademark of Devil May Cry. It will be released on the XboxOne, Playstation 4, and the PC, with distinctive high octane style action and mystical as well as original characters known from the series. Director Hideaki itsuno and the core of his team have reunited to develop a great over the top, technically highly sophisticated and crazy action-packed game of this generation.

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