Anno 1800

Welcome to the birth of the industrial age. Anno 1800 is the seventh continue of the strategy City building franchise, it comes exclusive for the PC. Anno 1800 combines the Features of all franchises and bring you in a excited new Setting of the 19 century. A Century full of industrial innovations, inventions, exploration. At that you have the choice between innovation or exploitation. oppression or liberation. You can choice what you want. You are the new Ruler.

So many wheat fields its simply overwhelming

What are the main differences in compare to the previous Anno game?

The huge Differences between Anno 1800 and the last two games of the franchises is that Anno revert to his historical roots. The time age of industrialization and colonization is the perfect sailcloth for the wide Cities building game play. In comparison to Anno 2205 will Anno 1800 bring back the long ongoing game experience of the classic Anno.

What is Anno Union?

Anno Union is a community initiative for all Anno Fans who are interested find out more details about Anno. This community is your point for news and updates direct from the developer.

You can log in today find out more details about Anno and remain informed:

Which Gameplay Elements are in Anno 1800?

The developer does not want to reveal much about the game, but I can tell you that the diplomatic system in Anno 1800 was redesigned. In this Anno variant you trade with AI players for a trading relationship or to start a war with the AI ​​player. You can build a relationship with the AI ​​player that ranges from a love relationship to a hate relationship. Your reputation in Anno 1800 depends on how other AI players see you as enemies or friends, and these enemies and friends influence other characters in the game. Your action also has consequences, such as declaring war on other characters, then the other characters like you a little less, but if you can annoy the other character enough, the character will declare war on you and the other characters will not be less because you did not explain the war. , In order to finally negotiate with a character, your reputation should be correspondingly good. In addition, it depends on the personalities of each character you negotiate with it is an uncomplicated opponent, the character will agree to a commercial contract far faster than a selfish industrial baron.

A city centrum of Anno 1800

A short overview about the diplomat window of Anno 1800

Alliance – Alliance that protects your ships and the harbor if they are attacked. If you declare war on a character, your ally will follow you in the war. To start an alliance you have to have a very good reputation.

„commercial law“ – This treaty make it possible for you to trade with a fraction for example to buy and sell products. this treaty is easier to achieve as the alliance

„peace“ – The peace cause, that both parties can’t attack each other, but you can at any time declare war.

„War“ – If you proclaim war you can attack all ships of your enemy and the buildings. commercial law and alliance will be ceased. Allies of the enemy going to support him in the fight against you. There are many additional agreements like “cease-fire” in the Game. This is only a time limited agreement. In the meanwhile of this agreement both parties aren’t allowed to declare war to the other. Is the cease-fire over can you fight against your enemy.

By agreements about commercial law and Alliances can the other party direct agree or refuse. As third option can the other party demand more Money from you before the character accept your agreements, that demands on the character trait of your negotiation partner and his or her own inhibition to make a deal with you. Furthermore the character can also ask you after an better deal. Of course, this will happen to friendly characters who want to move forward through this contract – or who just want to protect themselves, for example through a non-aggression pact. In all decisions, whether military or economic, the diplomacy parties will consider how much stronger or weaker they are compared to you. Friendly and easy characters not look so closely at how wealthier you will are, strong and stern characters will think twice about accepting your offer of peace, and doing so only if they are far inferior to you.

Diplomacy – To influence your Call. You have four possible ways to influence your Call by other parties.

to flatter – If you make the other party compliments your reputation going to grow up, but when you exaggerate with the compliments the other character going to like you a bit fewer.  

Insult – You do not like a character, then you can insult him. If you’re planning a war with him, that’s the best way to do it. You just have to provoke him to declare war and the other characters like him a little less.

Gift offer – By some characters you bump to a defensiveness, but some parties appreciate a Money present.

Complete a Quest – To win the call and the heart of an character you must sometimes complete a Quest, to negotiate with the character, but when you break off the Quest, the character begrudge you after you break off the Quest.

The developer going to publish more information in the future on Anno Union.

Industrial district with railroads connection

Why the developer decide for the name Anno 1800?

The developers settle Anno 1800, because Anno 1800 is a huge time line full of invention is, that happened in the 19 century. The developers thought that is the perfect symbol for a new beginning in the Anno franchise.The developers agree that a title between the timeline of 50th or 60th had been better, but they want to break through the golden rule of the titles names.

Which Game Engine going to use by Anno 1800?

The new Anno 1800 Engine is the next evolution of production the best possible technology, to present us the endless Game world and to define the best Level, to dive deeper in the strategy simulation genre. This Engine was made by Ubisoft Blue Byte.

Anno 1800 going to released at 26.02.2019 exclusive for Windows PC.

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