Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

What’ Assassin’s creed Rebellion holds up for us?

Assassin’s creed Rebellion is a complete new standalone mobile phone Game. That based on ages of lore out the Assassin’s Saga. Assassin’s creed Rebellion takes place while the Spanish inquisition and we are glad, because the famous Assassin’s like Ezio, Aguilar or shao Jun coming back, but of course we will met other legendary Assassin’s, who help us to set up a new brotherhood. In this RPG strategy Game for your mobile phone, you will able to put up your new Brotherhood and then to manege it and evolve it. Furthermore you can collect, recruit and improve the Skills of your Brotherhood to become bigger and stronger. in the meantime you make excitment Missions to infiltrate the stronghold and avert her plan.

Important features in Assassin’s creed Rebellion?

Assassin’s creed Rebellion consist three main Gameplay elements: The first element is that you managing the base, you have the chance to recruit and train Assassin’s, you can also improve the skill of your selected Assassin’s. You can manage the resources in your brotherhood, find new Missions or to improve your own fortress. und much more. infiltration missions are strategy meaning full and can be played with up to three Assassins, that starts in the brotherhood. The last Gameplay element is that you can collect up to 40 heroes like the famous Ezio, Shao-Jun, Machiavel, Aguilar,Claudia to rather new created Heroes especially for Rebellion. Every Hero have unique Skills, but other skills must unlock from our self.

Which developer studio works on Assassin creed Rebellion?

Behaviour Interactive develop in association with Ubisoft team the mobile Game. The developer Studio who have her branch in Canada stands behind big Games, that wining so much award ceremonies with Fallout Shelter, Star Citzen and Dead by Daylight and also as former partner the develop studio worked they together on projects like Far Cry 3 with Ubisoft.

When Assassin’s creed Rebellion get release?

Assassin’s creed Rebellion is in development, but were there a gentle released for the Philippinen in English on IOS and Android. A international release date will be announce later.

Why Assassin’s creed Rebellion gets a gentle release?

This gentle release help us run technical tests. Which is usually for mobile games to get feedback so Ubisoft can deliver the best Assassin’s mobile experience.

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