Rage 2

In Rage 2 you rush yourself in a environmental of the earth is completely destroy by an asteroid. You were birth in a dystopian world without any structure, law and order. You must defeat the ruler in this chaotic. For this task you have the whole freedom of an open world, go where you want to go, shoot that what you want and blow away all things that is in your way. Are you ready for this? 

The wasteland of
Rage 2


A asteroid killed 80 percent of the earth population and the rest of the earth population consists out unscrupulous and bloodthirsty gangs. They makes the streets unsafe and the tyrannical authority suppress the other’s. You play Walker the last Ranger of the wasteland and eyesore of an greedy tyrant. They take away your home and let you half dead in the desert back. Now you have the task to become for justice and freedom an warrior. The world with crazy vehicle fights, unbelievable of Ego shooter chaos and a open World full of eruptive madness. Walk through the wasteland. While your whole trip you go through the wasteland and you will fight with sadistic gangs, on the search of necessary Tools and technology to fight towards the tyrant.

Important features

That Wasteland awaits you!!

On your trip through the wasteland to the ruler. It is a interminable and rich varied landscapes it extend from big jungles to the desert. The wasteland is huge and you own the weapons arsenal to fight in every centimeter of the world of Rage 2.

Bloody driving style

from Monster trucks to Gyrokoptern you have the free choice of strong and wasteland proved vehicles with them you can race above the Barchland. Get in and step on the Gas!

The last Ranger

You have access to a arsenal of improvable weapons, you have the possibility to utilize the Nanotrit-power and the overdrive skill with them you can improve your weapon far behind the mechanical bound. 

Groups and Enemies

In Rage 2 you will see many different groups and enemies in wasteland. Every group consist out an madness assemble of crazy, Mutants and bloodthirsty Monsters.

Pre order action

The Rage 2 Collector’s Edition can now order by advance in all participating retailers and contains a huge of genius extra material for example the head of Ruckus the crusher. You can hitch up the lovely rotten Mutant on your wall, where he sings and speak. Also included:

  • The exclusive Steelbook
  • A Collector’s Edition-Poster
  • Digital Bonus-content:
    • Exclusive Bonus-Mission: cult of the death God
    • Die DOOM BFG
    • A Mutant-Monstertruck-Skin
    • “Wasteland Wizard”-Cheat-Codes
    • Progress -Booster
    • Nicholas Raine- equipment and und settlers -gun
    • Exclusive Standarte, that flicker on the vehicle.

Publisher:  Bethesda Softworks

Developer:  Avalanche Studios

Release date : 2019

Plattform:  Xbox One/PlayStation 4/PC

Genre:Open-World-Ego Shooter

Further details to the order of advance on https://bethesda.net/de/game/rage2

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