You fight in a 2D action game as a Marvel Superhero with three other players against the evil Tanos and his thugs. You have the task to prevent Tanos to capture the hole world and avert that all Superheros getting killed.

The hunting after the infinitiy stones beginn in MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order. It is already released on the 19.07.2019 exclusive for Nintendo Switch. Form a team of Superheros from the Marvel-Universum to hold back the evil Tanos to get all Invinity stones. You choose which Superhero you use is it a classic team of Avengers or defenders or do you will unite your favorite Superheros for a perfect crossover-team.

In this brand new Story heros and thugs have to work together to unite her skills to find the Infinity stones before Thanos and his black order. Your race against time brings you to the most famous places of the Marvel Universums from Xavier-Insitut to Asgard. Defeat all enemies and bosses that stand in your way. Collect Items, discover various areas, solve puzzles and meet with some Marvel-characteres to thwart the plan of Tanos and prevent the galaxy for a huge chaos.

With the hero camera you have the possibility to dive deeper in the story of this series. You can play the Game either allone or with friends!


You have the choice to play with you friends in the co-op multiplayer online or offline in the local modus. You can player with three other players on one Switch console. You can use the normal Switch controller or the Switch Pro controller. Activate the team action alone or fight with other players. Every player controls a hero and shows, how effective the team is.

You have to player together und achieve some areas and to destroy obstacles. With the Synergy function the heros getting stronger and stronger, if they unite her abilities. With this combinate abilities you be able to destroy walls, boxes and force fields. Further more you can find screcet places or Items.

Extreme Attacks (EX) are incredibly powerful area-wide attacks that a character can perform after filling up the EX bar. When the bars of other team members are also filled, you can activate the devastating Alliance Extreme Attacks (AX). These attacks are incredibly damaging!

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