Luigis Masion 3

In Luigis Masion 3 you are on gost hunting. Luigi have to find out what happen with Peach, his brother and follow travelers. You fight against length, small and thick ghost. On the End of a level you have to fight against a ghost boss. The ghost boss is more difficult, have more health lenghter and better protected as the other ghosts.

Luigis Masion 3 has in contrast to his predecessor on the Nintendo 3D various new features, but the third trip in the ghostworld remains her key features of the predecessors. In the new part of the Luigi adventure you get help from a ghost dog that you meet in the past titles of Luigi’s Mansion and you receive the help of Professor I. Gidd. He helps you to equipped you with his Virtual Boo. On it you can see, where you have to go and you can get helpful tips from the professor personally.

In this title Luigi have to numb the ghost with ray of light and absorb the ghosts with the vacuum cleaner. Like in the previous Luigi Mansion games you have to solve tricky puzzles. With this slime Luigi you can overcome e.g. stack trap and other objects that block your way and you use the slime Luigi to solve tricky puzzles, that is one of the new features in the third continuation. When you use the slime Luigi you can’t move the real Luigi. You can only move one of the Luigi’s, neighter the real Luigi or the slime Luigi. A further new skill is the suction bell. You use this suction bell to take away the shield of the enemy to absorb the ghost in the vacuum cleaner. With the vacuum cleaner you soak up big object like melones and use these melones as bullet to crush or rather to distract the enemies. In this game you use also the game to absorb objects in and out.

If you soap up fruits you get coins as reward and If you do the same with the furniture or integrated with them you recieve also coins. It also happens that you get rare objects or hearts to refresh the health of Luigi. The display of the health remains also by this Mansion game by 100 hearts. If you lose all 100 hearts the screen gets grey and you see the verdict: “Goodnight”. What means that you, the player had died.


As soon as you have unlocked Fluigi in the adventure, you can play the rest of the game together as Luigi and his green sidekick

In a local team game, two players can own the haunted hotel together, learn puzzles and kill ghosts with their terrifying paths. Thanks to his goose body selection, Fluigi can remove places that are too narrow or too belonging to Luigi. Such a slimy body can come in handy, but it should be noted that Fluigi has a habit of dissolving, when it comes into contact with water. So be extra careful in damp places!

Multiplayer Online

With up to seven other ghost hunters you can face the horrors of the Polterpark – all on just one Nintendo Switch console! Form teams of two and compete against each other in gruesome mini-games. This tower must have a particular first trim of special art! Play together with up to seven other players. Here you have to work well together to complete each floor as quickly as possible. To do this, you have to suck in ghosts and collect coins and supernatural power-ups.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be releases on October 31, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. The age rating is 6 years. You can use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the normal Switch Controller

My personally opinion of Luigi Masion 3 is that I like this game with the new features and various hidden Object to collect, but some puzzles in these title are to simple to solve. Even if the puzzles are too simple, this game is worth a look for everyone who likes jump and run and has already played the other two Luigi games.

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