Two Point Hospital

Creat your own unique hospital. The way of the first sickbed to a fully functional operating room, is not fare away. As soon as the inhabitants of a small port city are all supplied, the sources of income run dry. Healthy People doesn’t give money out for doctors. Then put you into a big challenge in a buiser hospital.


Optimize your hospital to get more patients and to increase your sales. Set Corridors, rooms and waiting areas after your imagination. Expand your hospital, add several bulidings and build so huge doors are possible, then more patients can come in your hospital.

To treat patients you need to build rooms and you need to hire the right personal to diagnose the illness. The diagnosing of patients ist only the beginning. One patient is no problem, but what is with a pandemic?

To treat more and more patient you need to improve the Departments, buy more machines, hire proffessional employees and revise the hole hostpital to improve the procees of diagnoses. So you can earn much more money. Two Point Hospital was completely modifiy for every console with a controller that works great for gaming on the go or with a controller in the hand.

Two Point Hospital was completely customized for the console of Playstation 4, Xbox One und Nintendo Switch. These console versions contain all improvements of the PC-version like e.g. Copy-paste room layout, interior design and character customization.

The release date of Two Point hospitals is the 25. Februar 2020 and will released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One und Nintendo Switch. It is already released for PC.

My opinion

My opinion is that the tutorial impressed my a lot maybe, because I played such a game to the first time. Then not like other simulation games I know you beginn your game only with a building that is empty. I had the task to set in the building Doctor’s offices, wards, pharmacies and to hire employees so they could diagnose the illness of every patient. I also had the task to set the rooms of the Doctor’s offices and wards. So e.g. I had to set a desk and an examination couch in a room. To set every room after my imagination I find that granious. For more work to do you need to care about your patient, how are waiting, with snacks, drinks and ensure that know patients gets bored in your hospital otherwise the patients go to an other hospital. For more challenge I even care about the employees that work in my hospital so I don’t risk that some Employees getting exhausted and not coming to work. To bend forward I had to build an Breaking room, where the employees can make a brake and drink or eat something, if you arrange a particularly comfortable space the employees comes stronger out the breaking room as before so that they will work with more motivation.

The level of details that are in this game are great, you only have to click on a patient or employee and you will see all information about the person on that you click. You see for example health of a person or an employee. Overall I can say that I find Two Point Hospital very positive, because the level of details is so high everyone can creat his own hospital. Everyone how likes simulation such give it a try.

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