Desperados 3

Desperados lll is a modern real time tactic game, that plays in gruesome wild West setting. We take over a motley group, which will be step by step come to a hero group.

In the prequel of the beloved classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive hook up John Cooper with the busted bride kate, the shady bounty hunter Doc McCoy, the gigantic trapper Hector and Isabelle a myisterious woman from New Orleans. The very diversity of all this characters makes it difficult for them to work together, but soon the protagonists of Desperados find her way to work together, to fight together with her unique skill again an superior opponent. On Cooper search after redemption to lead the adventure him and this gang to from rural locations to swamps and river banks to dramatic showdowns, how is worthy legend of the wild west

Hunt by merciless bandits and corrupt state guards to win every Mission. On the epic travel through the USA and Mexico in the 1870er years, the team must face of worst conditions and far superior in numbers. The five characters are useful in our mission, our Nemesis can track down an merciless Businessman, wide range of abilities from spy, sabotage, abduct, deceive, assassinate to blow up and as last way out to shoot down all enemies. Combine the abilities of your characters to deal with the chalenges in different ways. You should plan every step and execute your plan in real time, so you can sneak past unseen by your enemiees and reach your goal. A good plan can decide, whether you survive or you find yourself on the wrong side of a waepon.

Skills of the characters

The vagabond, gunslinger and born leader Cooper can kill loisy with a knife or shoot down multiple opponents with his revolvers. The muscle man Hector carrying a huge bear trap and force the strongest opponents with his axe. the cool-headed bunty hunter McCoy goes forward with strategy and he use Bait, anesthetic gas, lethal syringes and a bespoke pistol with wide range. Kate can delude with the right outfit almost every man and killing him unobstrusively with her hidden pistol

Details of the Game

  • Play five unique characters with special and indiviual abilities.
  • Expierence real freedom of choice with uncounting possibilities to survive every challange.
  • Defeat great enemy groups with tactical planning and precise execution.
  • Be a witness of a facinating Wildwest sezenario in a american scenery of frontiers, myisterious swamps, modern cities and much more.
  • overcome the opponent with deathly or not deadly attacks, go clandestinely or throw yourself into wild shootings.
  • Customize the game with various difficulty options and complete special challenges that will keep you motivated beyond the end of the story.
  • In showdown mode, you can pause the game at any time to plan your next steps or to react to unexpected attacks.

Desperados will be release on the 16. Juni 2020 to Playstation 4, Xbox and PC. you have the choice between different editions of the Game ( standard and collector’s).

My opinion is that this game firstly looks fantastic you see so many details in this game, it makes me happy. The strategy of this game is after my opinion well accomplished. You see your Enemies and you can make an tactic plan how to overcome these opponents. Everyone how likes real time strategy should give Desperados a try.

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