Sims 4 country life add on

Electronic Arts and Maxis announced the Sims 4 country life expansion pack, that will released on July 22,2021 for PC and Mac above Origin and Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

In the Sims 4 country life you can lead along a peacefully live in the countryside of Henford on Bagley. Sims, who want reload her energy they come here to enjoy the village live. To plant the vegetables and fruits, breed animals and to get in contact with them and to find new possibilities, to life with the Nature not against her.

Antonio Romeo, Producer of the Sims 4 explained „Die Sims 4 country life offers the player a various of activities and places to expand the adventure world of the Sims. Country life pack carry many possibilities to fully enjoy the life on the country. This pack allows Sims to live from her own cultivated plants in the garden and we will looking forward to see, how players use her fantasies, to build magic country homes in the new world of Henford on Bagley.” In the Sims 4 country life get into the community of the village Henford on Bagley.

We have the possibility discover the country circumstance, get to know about History of Henford on Bagley, make a picnic, uncover the forest, or try knit as a new hobby. After a long day the Sims going in the Pub “The dwarf’s arms”, to relax with the inhabitants.

Furthermore the Sims can Living in harmony with nature, you cultivate fruits and vegetables, collect in nature ingredients and visit the markt to cock fresh dishes. Animals can be grow up to receive milk from cows, eggs from chicken and cottage from Lamas. You also have the possibility to obtain the trues of wild rabbits and -birds. To get presents and by the garden work they will support. insidious foxes, how steal your eggs. After the most people know you, it is possible for her huge represent your fruits field and your award-winning chicks and chickens.

Further information get you under @TheSims on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on the official Website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment. The Sims 4 country life expansion pack will be released on July 22,2021 for PC and Mac above Origin and Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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