EVE Academy

CCP Games, the Company behind the space MMO’s EVE Online, start official the new EVE Academy.

EVE Academy helps you by the first steps

This website helps beginners after the Tutorial to find her or his path through New Eden. EVE Academy offers important information’s about the career path of EVE Online. The Information’s are accessible on German, English, French, Russia and Japan.

Reveal Trailer of EVE Academy

Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director für EVE Online said: “It’s no secret that EVE Online is a complex game that, with its unmatched freedom, has a lot to offer adventurous gamers.” and „(…) Everyone has to start somewhere, and the EVE Academy gives us the opportunity to help new EVE pilots learn the basics and set their own goals.“

Enforcer Key-Art

The EVE Academy was created with help of the EVE-Pilots, who have knowledge of the different Jobs and specializations of the game. The EVE Academy contents indispensable information about several mechanics and a sophisticated system of the game. It make the accessible to the Universe of the MMO game EVE Online. After you decide in the EVE Academy, which profession you want to begin.You will equipped with all you new explore the huge Universe of New Eden.

Explorer Key-Art

EVE Academy helps:

  • Before you start: With information to the character creation, the Onboard-KI „Aura“ and available career paths.
  • Find your path: EVE Academy describes four different career paths and from then everyone offers the pilots a different play experience.
  • Activities to experience: Whether pilots embark on massive PvP battles exploring the 8,000 solar systems of New Eden, build up a industrial company or entry the NPC-Emperien. EVE Academy offers the EVE pilots a place to begin her journal to the stars.

Industrialist Key-Art
  • Set goals: EVE Academy provide various reachable goals for these pilots, how are simple on the search after simple instructions. With EVE Academy you can walk on a new path and you will faster mange the complex system of EVE Online.

Every of this career path will be added with further content. New pilots and returning pilots will profit from that. That game is already available on PC. More information about EVE Online and EVE Academy you find on the official website: https://www.eveonline.com/news.

To don’t miss any latest news about EVE Online follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, EVE News and the official website.

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