Formula 1 2021

Codemasters and Electronic Arts revealed a new feature Trailer to F1 2021, the official Video game for the FIA Formula 1 world championship 2021. With new Story mode „Braking Point“ and dynamic options reflected more then ever the real live.

Play as one of the latest F1-pilots

For “My Team” the statistics of the real F1 drivers are updated over the course of the season and thus accompany the thrill on the tracks, while at the start of the real season it is possible at any time in the calendar that has already been driven with accurate table statuses To go running the race.

In „Braking Point“ it is possible for us to rise up from the ranks of F2 and begin our F1 career with one of the five Teams in the FIA Formula One World Championship. In a mix of events that happen on and off the track. It arise through racing action and sequences above three challenging Seasons rivalries and friendship. We will play towards the latest F1-pilots and we will make us a name through races between new and well know rivals, including F1 2019 Devon Butler.

Features Trailer of F1 2021

With a various options and a further improved presentation at the game, can pilots connected on a other way, then before. The two player career offers a exciting new possibilities to try the career mode. We can get together with a constructor or we compete as a part of a rivaled Teams against each other in synchronous Seasons. For casual gamer there is the split screen for two gamer. On the next Gen Consoles F1 2021 brings an improved graphic, an improved display of Body and tire damage as well as shorter loading times.

Lee Mather, Franchise Game Director of Codemasters said: “(…)Regardless of whether you want to write your own F1 story at Breaking Point or compete with and against friends, F1 2021 is the ultimate next-generation racing experience. “

The F1 2021 Digital Deluxe Edition contents seven carefully created well Know F1-pilots for the commitment of „My Team“ like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Alain Post. Furthermore there is exclusive content for customization, 18.000 PitCoins, the „Braking Point“-Package ( a set of ingames objects, they are inspired of fictive stars of the new story experience) as well as three days of early access. Players who pre-order the Standard Edition will receive the Braking Point package and 5,000 PitCoins.

On the July 13th of 2021 the F1 2021 was released on the systems of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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