Heatwave-Event; Multiplayer game Knockout City

Electronic Arts and Velan Studios unveiled on the E3 by the Play For All-Show of GameSpot. The Team based Multiplayer game Knockout city. The digital Event will be take place on Tuesday the 22nd June to Monday the 5th July.


A Team based Multiplayer

During the Heatwave Event collecting players water ice, that are hidden all over the map of Knockout City. Players have the possibility to unlock time limited object like the ice cream van glider or an enema float in which they lie in a beach chair and sip a drink. For that the player have to finish the Game, find water ice and the player can earn Heatwave-Tickets with that. These Tickets can exchange in the Heatwave-Event store. By the completion of all Heatwave missions will be unlock the legendary ultimate hologram; Fire hydrant.

Knockout City explained and detail for the Heatwave Event

More over there will be exciting new playlist available, like:

  • June 22nd – Party competition
    • 1 versus 1, all special balls
    • classic competition rules: Danger zone, no warning display etc.
  • June 29th – thirty Team Chaos
    • 2 versus 2 versus 2, everyone against everyone in Teams
    • The first Team with 15 knockouts wins the round

After the Heatwave Event is in season 1 of Knockout City much to do. New playlists, weekly Crew-missions and further surprises are waiting on the players. Knockout City can play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows

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