Planet Zoo: Africa Pack

Introducing your first look at the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack!
Inspired by the rich and diverse continent of Africa, our latest pack brings new animals, scenery pieces, and an exciting timed scenario.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack!

Features of the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack!

5 New animals

Adopt and care for five amazing new animals; Meerkats, Southern White Rhinos, African Penguins, Fennec Foxes, and Sacred Scarab Beetle.
Build them ideal habitats, fulfill their needs, and observe all-new behaviors.
Penguins, for instance, love playing with and pecking at their colorful, new curio ball enrichment item, while Meerkats are fond of digging holes in their surroundings!

180+Scenery Pieces

Expand your zoo like never before; Add a range of new building types, install striking animal statues and spectacular mosaics, and keep visitors shaded with new types of foliage, including tall, swaying palm trees.

1 New Timed Scenario

Try your hand at a fresh challenge in a timed scenario which takes place in Planet Zoo’s hottest location yet: an idyllic oasis bazaar.
Your aim? Turn it from a sweltering, secluded, desert gem to a must-see tourist attraction.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack will be out at June 22, 2021 on Steam and the Frontier Store. To don’t miss any latest news about Planet Zoo follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official website.


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