Fortnite cooperative tournament

After the final of FNCS chapter 2 Season 6 Epic Games presage the start of a new cooperative Fortnite tournament offside of the normal tournament plan.

The FNCS All-Star Showdown is the first High-stakes, skill.based Crossover-competition, by the Top player of the Fortnite-Scene on Maps, that was build from the Community in the creative mode. Compete against each other for the prize pool of 3 Million US-Dollar

In the FNCS All-Star Showdown the Top players in the cooperative Fortnite have to prove her skill in build, edit and aim to win in the finals by the Solo Championship. In collaboration with Fortnite creative mode-players ImmatureGamer, Enigma and Dummblond will the All-Star Showdown offer some special Maps and a complete welcome center for fans.

The Map-Lineup of FNCS All-Star Showdown you see down in the list;

  • 23. June – Conceptfight (Island code: 3840-8537-4348) and total trenchant (Island code: 9420-6335-1309)
  • 24. June – High up ( Island code: 3947-8128-3885)
  • 25. June – peg away (Island code: 5892-6942-6261)
  • 26. June – Solo Championship (Final)

All Maps already available and can be see. A detail description of every Map is on the official Blog post.

The FNCS All-Star Showdown can be see on June 23, 2021 above or the official Twitch account. Further during the duration of the Event it will activate Twitch Drops with the chances of a free Emoticon, a loading screen and other in-game Objects.

A Overview of the hole tournament, inclusive the „Hype Days“ festivities and a list of qualified Gamer’s is on the official Blog available.

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