Circuits and Shields

The next generation of MOBA, Circuits and Shields features dynamic gameplay, streamlined systems, and thrilling game modes to create a modernized gaming experience.


Circuits and Shields is indie developed by “Koza Games” exclusively for PC using Unreal Engine 4 with distribution via Steam. Circuits both simplifies and enhances familiar concepts like items, stats, and skills, making it a great fit for both new players and MOBA veterans alike. We choose from a colorful cast of champions and battle it out in a variety of unique arenas where no game is like the last. No gimmicks; just smarter design and superior gameplay. Despite our indie roots, Circuits is aiming to bridge the gap between indie ingenuity and AAA production values, combining both production quality and the brilliant game design/grass roots feel independent games are known for. Circuits is currently looking to secure outside funding and enter full production as soon as possible.

Teaser Trailer of Circuits and Shields


Intense 5v5 Team Combat: Circuits features the tried and true high-stakes MOBA combat that’s worked for over a decade, but adds a few new twists such as “Blessings”, which are rogue-lite-esque buffs or mini-games that make each game truly unique. We’ve also centered our game modes around consistent action where there’s always something fun to do.

Colorful Champion Roster: From a peaceful, flower-loving Fabled who accidentally became the Grim Reaper to an acrobatic Machina obsessed only with cleaning, the creator think they top the genre in terms of unique design. Beyond just the stories, Circuits’ champions feature an array of unique abilities never before seen in a MOBA, whether it’s Vexa’s “Traversal”, a set of Aperture Science-esque portals that add a whole new layer of gameplay, Jet’s “Trance” which brings Dance Dance Revolution to the MOBA genre, or Hamon, who uses an all-new resource meter called “Equilibrium” that requires careful ability balance or else risk becoming overwhelmed.

Rewards and Champion Progression: As you continue to play your favorite champion, we’ll unlock unique cosmetic effects. Along with the common Skins, Emotes, Mounts, and Sprays, Circuits has Accessories, which are champion-specific changes that work on any skin. For example, Jet players can unlock new shoes, Ink players new tattoos, and Jan players new cleaning devices. Circuits is focused on always giving us a reason to keep playing as we work toward additional unlocks.

All-new Arenas: Our first available Arena, Circuitball, is a unique game mode where we must work as a team to carry or pass the “ball” into the enemy team’s end zone, putting both team fighting and positioning to the test. Circuits will also feature the standard 5v5 MOBA map that veterans of the genre have come to expect, though there are several planned features to shake up the formula to reduce drawn-out lancing phases and waiting for objective spawns. The Creators also introducing “environment drafting”, where the map dynamically builds around additional structural selections in the draft phase, introducing even more ways to play. Also on tap is “Standoff”, our ARAM-style map, and “Siege”, a Helm’s Deepness attacker/defender style game mode.

Easy to Play, Difficult to Master: Circuits is designed from the ground up to make this learning curve as smooth as possible by showing us, rather than telling them and increasing ways to play without increasing complexity. Augments allow each champion to be played multiple ways while only needing to know one set of abilities and our intuitive item system means there’s no massive item shop with complex recipes memorize.

The Things that Matter: As cheesy as it sounds, Circuits is made by gamers, not by shareholders. The Creators are familiar with what the gaming community wants because we are part of that community. Along with our obvious decision to have zero pay-to-win components, future efforts will be made to include (but not limited to) major community features like Stream integration, competitive in-client team finding/tournaments, ranked system with transparent MMR values, and steady streams of actually relevant content.

To don’t miss any latest news about Circuits and Shields follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, discord, YouTube, Twitch and the official website.The launch of Circuits and Shields on Steam will be estimated to Q4 2022.

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