Summoners War: Lost Centuria

We will become to a summoner and we are go to a strategy and dynamic real time fight with favorite Monsters of Summoners War.

The Summoners

We will fight against other players from the whole world. To win the battle we have to find our own formation and strategy. We can make the Monster much more powerful by doing combinations of runes and skill stones. Furthermore we can enter an alliance and we can during the game exchange different Monsters and magic information with other alliance members.

Actual Gameplay Summoners war: Lost Centuria

Strategy fighting system in real time

organize the Monster after our strategy and lead real time fights based on the strength of your formation. A formation can compound on eight various Monsters. Every Monster own unique skill. We can use Monster cards and magic spell, whilst we consumes Mana, that will reload in the fight.

The previous attack creates not necessarily advantage against the enemy and requires constantly thinking about Monster cards and magic spell, that is more advantageous in respective situation by limited Mana cost.

If we deploy a skill from one of our Monsters or a summoners spell, during the enemy use a skill, our attack will rated as counterattack and we can activate our skills fast as the skill that was already activated by the opponent.

Collect and upgrade Monsters

Monster: Assigned in 4 Grade: Normal, rare, heroic and legendary. Every Monster had his own Attributes(water/fire/wind/light/dark).

If we have several cards with the same Monsters, we can use these cards, to upgrade the Monster and to improve the values (ANG, VER and HP) by the upgrades.

Rune: 3 slots can be utilized for every Monster and the Rune can influence the fight results as we raise the values of the Monsters.

When we equip three Runes with the same Symbol, then we can activate the Set-effect, that is determined for every Rune.

Monster skills and Summoners spell

Monster skill: Every Monster owns a unique skill.

Skill stone: Improves the skills of a Monster or add a new skill, to expand the skill.

Summoners spell: A special skill, that is used by Summoners and not from the Monster. In the game it could use overall three magic, during the use of the fight and every magic can only use once.

Skills that the monsters of the formation do not have can be supplemented with these spells, i.e. they can be used as an element that changes the course of the fight.

As with the monster cards, if you have multiple cards of the same spell, you can use the cards level up the corresponding spell and improve the spell’s effects.

Summoners War Lost Centuria is released for platforms of Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To don’t miss any latest news about Summoners War: Lost Centuria follow the creators on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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