Valorant: With the 3th Episode

The start of the 3th Episode contents the new Agent Kay/O and the new features of the Battle pass with the new “Bring them back” package.

The robot named KAY / O should remember with the main feature of the traditional first person shooter. For example, grenades play a major role in the tactical approach on the map. With the Battle Pass, the development team creates something that fans of Valorant like.

KAY/O Agent Reveal Trailer – Valorant

Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer of Riot Games explain, “That’s why we designed the K / TAC and Jigsaw weapon skins that relate to our story and our agents(…)”. The senior Producer and his Team react on the wish of the community for more content

Through the voting the community decide that the “Bring them back” Package Vandal – Reaver, Operator – Ion, Spectre – Valorant and a additional banner and a graffiti.

Weapon skin and equipment

About Valorant:

Valorant is a competitive character based 5v5-Tactic shooter for PC, that was developed of Riot Games. The Game released on the summer 2020 in the most regions and offers a precision like deadly Multiplayer game, a varied of weapon arsenals, Agents with unique abilities and sophisticated cards promise thousands hours of game fun. Valorant is free playable and was optimized, to run on a big bandwidth of PC hardware, what it made possible to play worldwide. Riot Games granted with the unmatched server quality, the worldwide infrastructure and the self evolved Anti-Cheat-Technology. That is the perfect base for a tactic shooter.

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