NACON and Abrakam Entertainment announced, that adventure can now play her Trump cards in Roguebook.

Rounded based fights against the Legend of Roguebook

The Rogue like deck builder, who was develop under the cooperation of Richard Garfield the creator of Magic: The Gathering TM is now available on Steam and it will be published later on consoles. Rogue plays in a Fantasy world named Faeria. We put a Team out two heroes together and compete there in tactic, rounded based fights against the Legend of Roguebook. Roguebook is a cursed book, that treat the existence of all living things.

Launch Trailer – Roguebook


Set up a Team: Every of the four available heroes have her own special cards. Develop a strategy and the cards have to played in the best possible moment and the right sequence to trigger devastating Combos or to protect a weak hero.

Improve the deck: The effect of cards can be reinforced, by doing adding gemstones. By the transmutation of the cards, can also create complete new effects.

The more card, the better is it: In contrast to other game of this genre, by this game who is to refine the decks a important strategy is, motivate Roguebook us to build a opportunely hugs deck, to unlock unique skill for the heroes. These abilities can be indispensable for the success of the adventure.

Discover the world on your own unique way: The capital of Roguebook will be told on a nonlinear way. Areas of the map will reveal with an sophisticated ink system.

The following rule say: The more is explored, the more treasures can be found.

Every round count: In real Rogue like manner we begin after a defeat in front of it. With every start we will get stronger and that, because of unlock new maps, skills and constantly upgrades.

Roguebook is now available for Steam. Later will Roguebook also be available for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, XboxOne, XboxSeries X|S and Nintendo SwitchTM

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