Roundguard New Druid Update Out Now

Independent development studio Wonderbelly Games is back with another free content update for their Peggle-inspired roguelike, Roundguard.

on Apple Arcade, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 / 5, and Xbox One / Series X

The Druid update adds a new playable hero, Sprig, along with a new set of skills, items, and quests to master.

The new hero, Sprig, is not your garden variety druid. She’s a tender-shoot fresh from the wilds, and she’s ready to plant grass and take names. She brings with her plenty of forest friends, including butterflies, hummingbirds, and semi-sentient briar vines, but her best friends are the sprouts she plants everywhere she goes.

What is New!

New skills! Sprig can summon vines and birds, teleport between her sprouts, and even transform into a giant, angry tree. Her skills make you think about bounce angles and board possibilities in a whole new way.

New items! Sprig comes loaded with a new set of weapons and armor. Her equipment creates new combo opportunities with her sprouts, changing their flower effects and growing more powerful as her sprouts spread across the board.

New quests! Test your green thumb and prove yourself to the Elder Tree to earn new trinkets. Each quest comes packed with a freshly-picked peck of plant puns.

And more! New daily & weekly challenges featuring the Druid, and six more achievements!

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