Sentience, the multiplayer stealth game in a sci-fi cyberpunk dystopian Earth, is available in Early Access on Steam for free since March.


In the beautiful dystopia of Sentience, Earth is a fully automated android society. The AI have started to mimic humans, and life went on for them as if we never left.
But under the idyllic surface, tension was brewing. Some androids began to develop sentience, recognizing that humanity was gone, but th AI linger. The Rogues recognized that something had to change. They set out with other sentient androids to escape their programmed shackles and gain freedom. But freedom is not simply taken. In charge of keeping the status quo are the human-built Sentinels, on the lookout for Rogues at every corner. Sentinels were and continue to be charged with keeping everyone in line, and putting an end to any abnormal activity.

In Sentience, we must become the hunter or the hunted in this multiplayer stealth. Take on the role of a Sentinel to quell resistance or become a newly-sentient Rogue to complete tasks and take down the system.
Who will win in this eternal back and forth: will it be the Rogues as they search for their freedom? Or will the Sentinels be successful in keeping everything and everyone in line?

Gameplay of Sentience

Sentience is a round-based multiplayer stealth game where you take on the role of either a Sentinel (predator/hunter) or Rogue (prey/hunted). We can queue up for games with friends or solo in this Free to Play title.
Sentience also allows for single player round-based games against the AI.

Sentience: PC Launch Trailer


▪Play as either Sentinel (hunters) or Rogue (hunted) in this stealth multiplayer challenge: Each with unique abilities and play-styles. ▪Multiplayer round-based cooperative gameplay:Compete with other players online, or offline against the AI. ▪Social features: We can easily connect with friends. ▪Free-to-play:With upgrade able cosmetic features

First impression

The Sentience looks like a beautiful sci-fi Cyberpunk with neon light and all the possibilities that we can do there. I not already played that Game, but I will give it a try, because the Game give us the choice who we want to be, a Sentinel (hunter) or a Rouge (hunted) and that sounds for my interesting. also when we know the sort of Multiplayer games, like for example Counter Strike, it nevertheless interesting, whether Sentience go in a different direction with new sci-fi weapons and with a renewed Multiplayer system.

To don’t miss any latest news about Sentience follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official website. If you want to try Sentience you can play it on Steam in the Early Access.

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