Seventh anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena

To celebration the seventh anniversary the Publisher of Com2uS hosted together with Korea Green Foundation a environmental campaign.

Com2uS and Korea Green foundation for a environmental campaign

This campaign will be attend world wide until the end of this year as an long time project inside and outside of Summoners War. For this campaign Com2uS and the Korea Green Foundation have choose world wide seven endangered and threatened for extinction for generations, to insert for her existences: Green Sea Turtle, Manta Ray, Dugong, Irrawaddy Dolphin, Whale Shark, Seahorse and Humpback Wrasse.

Com2uS intented, to make further contributions to the safe and healthy life of these animals and to support various activities to protect the marine ecosystem around the world. For the campaign start will it give in Summoners War: Sky Arena a common Ingame-Event. We can now finish Missions, while we play Szenarios, Kairos Dungeon, Arena, Glide, Rift Raid and other fight content and collecting 50 Millions Pearls of love. As soon as possible the Mission goal is reached, will be donated 50 Millions South korean Won ( around 40 thousand euro or 47.789 Dollar) to the Korea Green foundation. In addition to the final donation goal, players will receive useful in-game items as a thank you when the collected number of Pearls of Love has reached a certain sum.

About Korea Green Foundation

Established in 2002, the Korea Green Foundation is a nonprofit foundation specializing in environmental protection that works closely with NGOs, government and businesses to solve global climate and environmental problems. For more information on the seven endangered marine animals supported by this campaign and other environmental protection projects, visit the official website of the Korea Green Foundation. Com2uS and Gamevil will set up Environmental Social Governance Committees within the boards of both companies in July to deal with this Seriously strengthening ESG management through environmental friendliness, social responsibility and ethical corporate governance. Specifically, the committees plan to actively respond to environmental issues in the interests of sustainable development and to create a sensible business environment. As a company with a cultural content, they plan to pursue deeper and progressive ESG management by looking for ways to contribute to local communities through culture and the arts.

To don’t miss any latest news about Korea Green Foundation follow them on Facebook, YouTube and the official website.

The Pictures are from WWF and Pixabay.

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