Blankos Block Party new artist announced

Mythical, who has previously worked with world-famous vinyl toy designers including Pete Fowler, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno and Tara McPherson, now announced new artists for the Game.

About Blankos Block Party

The inclusive world of Blankos Block Party is styled like a giant block party, where players can compete in and explore a variety of gameplay types, including racing, shooting, tag, collection and more, across mini games built by Mythical, or by other players. With a simple-to-use and intuitive build mode where imagination is the only limit, anyone can create and share their own unique levels – no coding skills or private servers needed!

Blankos Block Party E3 2021

The creators also announced new artist collabs including:

  • El Grand Chamaco: An illustrator based in the small village of Los Ramones, El Grand Chamaco’s artworks are inspired by his Mexican roots, adopting the colorful vibrant palette of the culture into his 3D graphics. After years of perfecting his style, he gained his fame as a prominent illustrator and character designer—reimagining pop culture characters into his own depiction.
  • Hackatao: Hackatao, an artist duo born in Milan in 2007, has pioneered the crypto art space since 2018 with their unmistakable style. Their name is derived from “Hack” for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance. 
  • Michael Lau: Often called “the Godfather of Toy Figures,” acclaimed Hong Kong–based artist Michael Lau is renowned for his collectable vinyl toys and graffiti-style illustrations. His award-winning work has had a significant effect on toy manufacturers, as well as street culture, including artists and musicians, throughout the world.
  • Quiccs: Quiccs Maiquez is a visual artist who works in several mediums. Associated with the street art collective known as Pilipinas Street Plan and a creator for Adidas, his work is extremely vibrant and energetic, speaking to the youthful creative spirit that underlies Quiccs’ many passions. 
  • Thomas Han: L.A.-based artist Thomas Han, known for his colorful , psychedelic aesthetic, and character-centric work, creates pieces with a deceptively cute appearance hiding a dark undertone of destruction and hedonism.

What say artists about Blankos Block Party

Rod Manly, chief marketing officer at Burberry said, “Being a part of this creative and pioneering community with Mythical Games is an incredible synergy for us and a perfect evolution of our existing engagement with the gaming communities. Launching our limited-edition Burberry Blanko in Blankos Block Party is our first exploration into the world of NFTs; unlocking an entire new platform of possibilities, empowering digital natives and gamers to own a piece of our brand and to actively engage and participate with our house codes. We are incredibly excited to embark on this ground-breaking journey into the future of digital ownership in gaming.”

deadmau5 said, “Not only will players get to play a cool game, they’ll get access to a unique NFT offering for the mau5 world. The technology is awesome.”

Artist duo Hackatao said, “Our art reveals an unconscious flow of what lies beneath the skin and we are bringing that vibe to our Blankos collaboration, which we think will resonate strongly with the game’s creative community. We also wanted to work with Mythical because they are raising the fidelity of blockchain games and, as artists and collectors ourselves, the power and possibility of playable NFTs excites us.”

Blankos Block Party and its Marketplace

With Blankos Block Party and its Marketplace, Mythical aims to drive mass adoption of ownership in games through NFTs and blockchain technology, opening the door to a new kind of global game economy where creators are owners and players are asset holders. In the recent Open Beta, the Blankos community held more than 100,000 playable NFTs; as the game’s audience continues to grow, earlier assets and specialized releases will become more scarce and likely more valuable in the secondary market, creating rarity on a mass market scale. 

The Series B round announced last week brings Mythical’s total funding raised to $120 million, which it will use to further drive mass adoption of ownership in games through playable NFTs with the growth of Blankos Block Party, expansion to other gaming platforms, and new projects launching later this year and in 2022. 

We can sign up now to join Blankos Block Party in Early Access on PC. The Mythical Marketplace, where we can buy and sell Blankos in peer-to-peer transactions for real money, is currently in its Alpha phase and will continue rolling out to us this summer. 

To don’t miss any latest news about Blankos Block Party follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official website.

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