To The Rescue!

To The Rescue! is a charming dog shelter simulator where you are responsible for taking care of dozens of cute dogs in need of a home.

In To The Rescue! it’s not all cuddles and snoot boops though: running a shelter can be a lot of work. You have to manage all of the dogs’ needs in order to maximize their chances of finding the right forever home. Each day brings new challenges and rewards. Dogs have specific preferences, can get infectious diseases, and can have negative traits. But you can also have fundraisers, get random donations, and help someone find their new best friend. Unfortunately, there’s never enough room, and always more dogs. Some dogs are more desirable than others, but maybe if you can afford to wait long enough, just maybe, every dog will have their day.

To The Rescue! Pre-Alpha Trailer


  • Every dog is unique. Each dog is generated with its own traits and preferences to make them unique and memorable.
  • Match dogs with adopters’ needs. Adopters will often come into the shelter looking for specific things. Match their preferences to increase the chances of adoption.
  • Upgrade your shelter. If you end up with some spare funds, you can upgrade the shelter for your needs. Build deluxe kennels, organize communal play spaces, hire helpers, and more!
  • Keep the shelter open. Sometimes it can be tough to afford to take care of all the dogs in the shelter. You’ll need to be thrifty and sometimes make tough decisions so that you can keep helping dogs find homes.


To The Rescue! started as a small hobbyist project by developers Olivia Dunlap and Tanner Marshall during their undergrad studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Realizing its potential, they first began working on a prototype as their first digital game in 2016. Since then it’s undergone numerous revisions, but its maintained the original vision of portraying the harsh realities and joyous moments of running a dog shelter. The game was grandfathered in as a Little Rock Games project following the release of the company’s first game, Galactic Scoundrels, in 2018. In August 2019, a Kickstarter campaign for To The Rescue! raised $36,639 USD with 1,241 backers, allowing for continued development. For the 2021 release, the team partnered with publisher Freedom Games.

To The Rescue! support a real-world charity and the game give 20% of the profit from all sales to a real dog shelters. Details TBA. The platforms of To The Rescue! will be published on Steam, Nintendo Switch and it will be coming out in Fall 2021. The genre of To The Rescue! is a dog shelter simulator.

To don’t miss any latest news about To The Rescue! follow the creators on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official website. You can add the game to your wish list on Steam.

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