Cat Cafe Manager

In Cat Cafe Manager, we play the role of the proprietor of a small, abandoned cat cafe in the countryside village of Caterwaul Way, left to us by our grandmother.

In Cat Cafe Manager we hiring staff and fixing the place up. Furthermore we also have to take care of and eventually adopt some of the many stray cats that roam the streets. Each cat is unique, with its own look, stats, and personality. It’s our job to pick out the right combination of cats for our cafe to please and relax our customers.

We’ll soon get to know all the different folks that live in Caterwaul Way, such as Finley, a young musician trying to make it big, or Bonner, the local ferryman who tells a lot of very tall stories. As we get to know them better we can start to uncover clues about the mysterious shrine dedicated to an ancient cat god, giving us glimpses of the strange history of the town of Caterwaul Way and its many stray cats.

First Gameplay Trailer of Cat Cafe Manager


  • Adopt cats
    Win the trust of the town’s many stray cats to give them a new home at our cafe! Each cat is unique, with its own look, stats, and personality. Pick out the right combination of cats for our cafe to please and relax our customers.
  • Build your cat cafe
    Build up and expand the cafe from nothing to our dream cat cafe, then collect a large variety of decorations and furniture to deck it out with. Use our cafe’s style to attract and satisfy certain customers.
To build your own unique Cat Cafe
  • Expand your business
    Hire skilled staff, improve the decor, and keep our cats happy with upgraded toys and food in order to relax our customers, increase our income, and meet the goals required to heal Caterwaul!
  • Live your cat cafe life
    Differences in weather and town events can change the kinds of customers that will visit our cafe, so be sure to plan ahead using our calendar. Decide when we’ll spend time shopping in town, crafting new recipes, or opening the cafe’s doors. Prepare for the town’s many festivals and events!
  • Make friends
    Regulars are customers that will regularly visit our cafe. Make sure that their needs are satisfied in order to talk to them and build a friendship. As we become friendlier, they’ll ask us for help with their personal problems, reveal their secrets and even give us presents. With a diverse cast of regulars visiting our cafe, we’ll be sure to make some new friends!

Development History

What started out as a small and simple time management game quickly expanded into a full-fledged business simulation, with deep characters and mysteries to unravel. Cat Cafe Manager is being developed in the open source Godot game engine.

The platform of Cat Cafe Manager will be published on Steam and it will be coming out soon. The genre of Cat Cafe Manager is a Business Simulation.

To don’t miss any latest news about Cat Cafe Manager follow the creators on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Discord, YouTube and the official website. You can add the game to your wish list on Steam.

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