Riot Games today announced the finals of the third edition of the Fragging for Charity event. Already at the previous charity events, large donations were collected. A total of € 229,807 has already been collected for a good cause.

The VALORANT event goes into the third round on July 2nd and 3rd.

With Fragging for Charity 3.0, the tournament organized by Riot Games goes into the next and now third round for a good cause. After the qualifying tournaments took place in June, the top teams made it to the semi-finals. The VALORANT tournament consists of four qualifying tournaments in three-on-three mode, in which 32 teams compete against each other in a single-elimination format.

The winning teams of the qualifying tournaments will be assigned two influencers for the main event, with whom they will contest the semifinals and then maybe even the finals in teams of five. The tournaments of the main event are played in a best-of-three format. The four established influencers Vlesk, Dhalucard, Rumathra and Mahluna each determine a further influencer beforehand, who will take part in the final days. The main event will take place on July 2nd and 3rd. The finale will be accompanied by the Riot Games Twitch channel.

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