Legends of Runeterra: New Expansion pack

The new expansion pack of Legend of Runeterra, rise of the underworlds, brings new cards, new risks and a new keyword.

The rise of the underworlds opens a dangerous world, in this world the creatures waiting, they was never seen before. The next expansion pack of Legends of Runeterra comes with 43 cards, that was unveils in the last weeks. Under the new cards there are also new champion’s Ekko, Pyke and Rek’Sai.

Rise of the Underworlds – Expansion pack

With the rise of the underworlds will add expeditions of seven new Arche types, which put the new Champion’s and strategy of the expansion in the foreground. Ekko is similar like the already available Zilean, who is able to manipulate the future through prophesy, in the meanwhile Rek’Sai and Pyke are on the deck and wil get with every attack deadly. With the new challenge under the surface will be add a keyword. The newest keyword, prowl, augmented when attacked, with an ally on top, every where new lurk units with +1 | +0.

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