Sky: Children of Light Crossover Season event starts

The Studio behind the games Journey and Flower give out, that today the Crossover season event starts with “the little prince”.

With “Le Petit Prince” or “The little Prince”

In the new Adventure Season of Sky comes the international well known figure “le Petit Prince” out the generations overcoming favorite french children book of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The Event coming at the right time to the 75 birthday of “Le Petit Prince” in Sky. we can download the game on Apple App Store, Google App store and Nintendo eShop.

Season of the Little Prince Trailer

The season of „Le Petit Prince” is the 10th season of Sky and is playable for 11 weeks. The game will be added through new beautiful created areas like „Starlight Desert“ in the new plot will play. In the course of the season the adventurer will be hired toghether wit the little prince to explore an other part of the kingdom of Sky, to get more knowledge of his story and his travel. The fans of the novel meet further character from the book that are also part of the plot. Moreover in the course of the season there will be more surprises, expressions and diverse cosmetic and other items to unlock.

Olivier d’Agay, great nephew of Antoine de Saint Exupéry and managing director of Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation Said to the season of „Le Petit Prince”

„It is wonderful to see the Little Prince ‘Sky’. We are glad that Jenova and his team have considered this cooperation. It is very meaningful that the Little Prince and Sky have great things in common in their values and inspire people to appreciate friendship, love and childhood”

In the last month the game Sky cross since the start on Apple App Store 100 Millions sales game copies. The Team expect further growing of the sales, because the recently start of the game on Nintendo Switch and the option for remote play on mobile devices.

Sky was honored for the Apple iPhone Game of the Year 2019 and with the Apple design Award 2020. The game won by the SXSW Awards 2020, the Game Developers Choice Awards 2020, the Webby Awards 2020 and 2021, Google Play Store’s Best Indie Game of 2020 and further Awards ceremonies.

Sky: Children of the Light is a free to play game, that is available for Nintendo Switch, App Store for compatible Apple-devices and Google Play for Android-Devices. All features of season „Le Petit Prince” can we unlock through the Adventure season pass and as present in 3rd bundle. For more information’s about Sky: Children of Light visit my post:

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