Kandra The Moonwalker

We must complete different puzzles and platforms, in an open world to get all kind of collectibles, like colorful gems, their feathers and use all kind of abilities and powers to achieve it.


The moonwalkers, is a race of magic foxes, who use the power of their feathers to open portals to another worlds, but their feathers have been stolen and they need to bring them back. This fact, and the magic corruption in the world, make the portals to brand new worlds open once again.

Kandra The Moonwalker Trailer


  • Tribute to old platform games
  • Continuous “Wow moments”
  • Variety in abilities
  • All kind of collectables
  • Similar games

About Kandra The Moonwalker

The Moonwalkers promised to be the keepers and the protectors of the magic. All the portals that bring us to new places have been closed and forgotten into the realm of the moonwalkers; Our mission is to visit them, bring our magic to every world and resurrect their essence to keep them alive. Kandra, the main character, will be the chosen one to make this happen. Her feathers bring magic and with them we can make the world alive once again, fight against all kinds of dangers and collect all old artifacts to make all this possible.

Several years ago, the moonwalkers disappeared, taking magic with them. Darkness took place and brought corruption, and then, all portals suddenly closed. But now, our mission is to travel around every universe and bring purity to all this worlds.

The basic founding goal on Kickstarter was 25.000$. The developer achieved 79% of this goal with 266 Backers. The current plan is to release Kandra: The Moonwalker for Steam on Windows and Mac platforms.

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