Swarm the City

We are Karr the Great, a dark lord of zombies. We have to find the weaknesses among human cities. Evolve our zombie army. Choose the best strategy and infiltrate the cities until they are entirely dysfunctional.


Thousands of years ago, Karr the Great brought catastrophe to the land, turning it into a post-apocalyptic world. Half of human beings were turned into zombies to strengthen his army. But in the end, his invasion failed. He was defeated by humans, and got sealed under the base of St. Maria Church.
A few hundreds of years later, wars of land fighting by humans burned the church to ashes. The new king of the land didn’t know the history. Everyone thought the zombie lord was merely a legend. People started to build new taverns until they finally forgot about this dark taboo.
In the year of 1949, workers of Fort, Inc. found a dark sarcophagus. They broke the tomb attached with magic stones, wishing for treasures, without knowing that an ancient lord of death has awakened and will rule this world again.

Swarm the City – New Boss fight

Key Features

Infect humans and build up your zombie army – Unlike the other zombie games. Here, we are an evil commander. We will be leading our zombies to infect humans and turn them into walking dead to spread over the cities until we have a powerful army.

Powerful zombie generals – Thousands of years ago, there were many zombie generals with different abilities under our command. After that legendary war, they all got sealed in the world of death. As our own ability is coming back, we will be able to call them back. Fire zombies, witch zombies, zombie dragons, devour zombies, and ten more different zombie generals will help us re-rule this world.

Evolve zombie talents and fight humans – Humans have powerful technology to develop diversified defense systems, strong soldiers, and even mechanical BOSS. But zombies can devour human’s life spirit to evolve or mutate. Choose their evolving direction and use their different abilities to fight back against humans.

Dysfunctionize cities, and destroy them – There are more than 20 unique cities in the game. Each has a large number of citizens, health system, technology center, and police forces that all work under certain rules. Observe and understand the differences among them. Find their weaknesses, make the best strategy, and infiltrate their cities until they are fully dominated.

Update since June 16, 2021

  1. Tutorial improvement: Added a new background story and a more detailed tutorial with new gameplay.
  2. Zombie Generals added: Flamewalker, Corrupted Lich, Amalgadon. Players can acquire Zombie Generals by using the skills.
  3. Cancelled the Talent Tree from the old version, and added Skill Trees to Zombie Generals. Players can enhance Zombie Generals by collecting Life Source.
  4. New stages added: Added stage 3-2 and 3-3 on top of the last build on May 12th.
  5. New game modes available: Hard and Challenge modes are added to chapter 3. The Challenge mode is much harder.
  6. Boss fights added: All the stages of chapter 3 have Boss fights in the end.
  7. New human combat units added: Sniper, Flame Bio Soldier, Frost Bio Soldier, and Acid Bio Soldier.
  8. New functions added for human constructions.

Swarm the City will fully release on August 2021 for Steam, you can already download a Demo. To don’t miss any latest news about Swarm the City follow the creators on Facebook, YouTube, Discord and LinkedIn or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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