Guild Wars 2 Updates

ArenaNet announced two new updates for Guild Wars 2, that will be released in the near future for all of us without payment.

The first update comes with well known world’s Boss. The frist time since 2014 back – the Twisted Puppet from Living World Season 1. With her comes also the second update, the Legendary Armory into the game. A new generally improvement, thanks to which there is a comprehensive possibility of cataloging and storing the precious legendary equipment.

ArenaNet released a new Trailer, that shows the impressive return of the Marionettes to Tyria

Before the war begun against Löwenstein, use Scarlet the Lornarpass as Test area for her epic clockwork super weapon, the Twisted Marionette. Army of Super heroes organised a multi part attack strategy, to destroy Scarlets Army soldiers, survive the attacks of the Marionettes and explode the chains, that that tied them to the Breaker.

The Marionettes are back

Until now, the Marionettes was discarded in the False River Valley. But on July 13, one of the most memorable battles from Living World Season 1 returns to Guild Wars 2 – with a few tweaks to meet modern Guild Wars 2 design standards and new achievements. Via the spying pool in the Eye of the North, we can join their guild comrades and other adventurers in order to dare to take part in what international critics say, “the best […] boss fight in PC game history”.

To fight ones again for victory!!

The July 13th update also includes the Legendary Armory, which gives everyone a new way to unlock and use their collection of Prestige Legendary gear. The Legendary Armory can be accessed from the equipment panel in the hero overview. With this significant improvement, we now have access to their Legendary Equipment for all characters on their account. The use of valuable shared inventory spaces is no longer necessary to transfer equipment between characters. Legendary gear will also be more closely integrated into the gear template interface and its transmutation cost will be removed.

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