Apex Legends – Thrillseeker Event

Respawn and EA had announced with “Thrillseeker” the new Event of Apex Legends, that takes place from July 13 until August 3.

Beside of a Dangerous Arena map, that change the ground into deathly Lava, offers this “Thrillseeker -Event” a new reward series and new Skins, that guaranteed attract attention.

In the list we find all activities of the Event:

  • New arena map “Overflow”: It differs from other arena maps in that all positions are separated by large structures filled with lava. Because of this spatial separation, we have to be vigilant before deciding which side to use in order not to be flanked. This card is the seventh card in the ongoing three-man rotation and highlights the ever-changing ecosphere of Apex Legends.
  • Reward Series: Each week of the event features sequential reward lines. In the first week, we can unlock the Badlands Set for Rampart, which includes a matching weapon talisman, a weapon skin and a legendary Rampart skin. Week two features a Battle Pass Booster, Crafting Metals, and Apex Packs. Week three includes the Bangalore Fatal Enforcer skin and more.
  • Thrillseeker – cosmetic objects and summer splash offer: From July 13th to 27th, the summer splash offer will bring back popular skins such as “youngsters” and “non-wanderers” with special offers for apex packs.

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