Baldur’s Gate 3 Updates

Laurian Studio shows in the panel From Hell 3 some coming Updates and a improvements for the Early access of Baldur’s Gate 3, that will be content in the 5th Patch

The patch five will continuously build the possibilities of Baldur’s Gate 3 further out. This includes new game-changing mechanics, many combat and AI improvements, visual upgrades for weapons and cinematics, a greater focus on RPG, and more Owlbear Cub content. Further more this update offers a exciting step to unlock the secrets of Shadowheart.

The full Patch notes for Patch 5 will released on July 13. In the following there are several highlights:

Updates for Baldur’s Gate

Active Roll System

Skill checks will in future not anymore left by the RNG, but could influenced by the us. By the Active Roll will be have the possibility, to change luck to his advantage, while we will applied on the throw Magic and Boni. Additional the effects and modifications and status effects will be visible directly via the UI in the future, instead of being calculated in the background.

Background Goals

At the beginning of the game it was always possible to create the “background” of a character – Folk Hero, Acolyte, Urchin and more. With Patch 5, this selection will lead to its own series of secret mini-quests based on these roles, called Background Goals. For example, if a folk hero undertakes something heroic in the future, he will be rewarded accordingly. This innovation is intended to encourage role play and motivate us to think about how our own character would react in a situation.

Camp Supplies

Camp resources are a new feature that aims to make long rests more strategic. In order to set up a camp in the future, appropriate supplies are required: Food and other resources that can be found in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 form the basis for setting up a camp from now on.

Also new in Patch 5 are mini camps, context-based environments that are intended to offer an alternative to returning to the HQ by the river. From the chapel near Ravaged Beach to Underdark, all sights have been created as a separate isolated area.

Further Updates

The AI receives extensive updates so that the opponents react more intelligently in the future and make use of resources. Unarmed opponents will pick up weapons lying around, goblins throw healing potions to each other and their own allies will also make smarter decisions in combat.
The numerous improvements that the fifth patch offers include the non-lethal attack mode, classic point-and-click dialogue and exciting new story content about a certain party member.

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