Panic Mode

Indie development studio Moebiusgames releases their casual simulation game. We have to save cute aliens from dangerous disasters.

About Panic Mode

In Panic Mode, you act as a crisis manager to save creatures known as Pammies from dangerous disasters and unsafe buildings using shoddy, volatile, and convoluted contraptions as tools.

Panic Mode – Teaser Trailer

In each location in Panic Mode, an accident is bound to happen. First, set up your disaster-prevention equipment in the Pammy’s workspaces. When things kick-off, use your tools to mitigate the calamity that would otherwise cause all of the Pammies to die.


  • Delightful chaotic situations
  • Unique simulation moments
  • Satisfying puzzle solutions
  • Saving cute creatures
  • Chain reactions

A free playable demo of Panic Mode is currently available on Steam.  To don’t miss any latest news about Panic Mode follow the creators on Reddit, Twitter, discord, YouTube and the official website.

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