F1 2021 – Breaking Point

Codemaster and EA SPORTS pitch a view on the main actors of Breaking Point the new Story experience in F1 2021.

With this cast out new and recurring characters give „Breaking Point“ us the opportunely to choice out one of five Teams, to getting in the world of the Formula 1 to a star.

The main actors of „Braking Point“ are the following:

Aiden Jackson
  • Aiden Jackson
    Aiden is a potential star on his path to famous. A young more promising driver, that competive his first F1-Saison and idolize his Team mates Casper Akkerman. Jackson’s Career will be saw as success story, because he worked his way up from the Formula 2. Simple and sympathy Aiden makes in front of the Kameras a good figure. But behind the backdrops he have problems with the chance in the big Liga. He is expected to be courted by one of the bigger teams, so he went full throttle from the start and is already making waves.
Casper ‚Cas‘ Akkerman
  • Casper ‚Cas‘ Akkerman
    Casper is famous for his ice cold, factual method. With his claimed hand will he lead his Team out of the midfield. Claim and dogged determination have served him good service. In face of the young talents, that want to push through, he stands under pressure and have to deliver top performance, whether his career go to the end.
Devon Butler
  • Devon Butler
    The opponent in „Braking Point“. Devon is far more then as conceited upstart, who try to get fame and victory. On the Racing track highly regarded, beside of the racing track his questionable behavior is not F1 driver like. Have every time a funny commentary or dogged advise, he use the meetings, to go under the skin of other drivers, that he see as rivals. Whether you love him or hate him, Devon Butler aims to become a Formula One legend.
  • Brian Doyle
    He ist the direct connections to the Team boss and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Doyle brings the most time as mediator to passes on the news and Racing strategy or to solve the problems inside the Teams. He establish his in the sport and is a fixed size in his job. A real maker. As large than life character of the Formula 1 life and breathe. Is Doyle on the top of, when everything runs good, but he fall down, when not everything runs as it was planned.
  • Zoe Akkermann
    Casper’s wife and the foundation of his world. Zoe has been in the scene for several years and knows the sacrifices her husband will have to make to stay competitive. She always has an open ear and a friendly word in store, no matter where in the world her husband is. Zoe has a young daughter named Lily and is the only person who knows the demons Casper faces in competition with the next generation of drivers to hit the scene.
Launch Trailer of F1 2021

„Braking Point“ offers beside of a various of F1 2021 innovations by the Gameplay a new Story mode. The two player career make it for us possible to merge together or through synchronic Sessions to compete in rivals Teams. The real sessions start allows it us to get in every point in the Racing calendar, that as already finished with all actually table stands. F1 2021 offers more over several known Options like My Team, that include a split screen for two players and various assistance options, which enable players of all strengths to measure themselves against each other.

F1 2021 will be available on July 16, 2021 by EA SPORTS on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on Steam. The digital deluxe edition is obtainable on July 13 and offers additional content including seven well-known drivers who can be used in the “My Team” mode of F1 2021.

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