Two Bit Hero

Two Bit Hero is a classic retro Metroidvania that sees us taking on the role of a young hero. The game was the developed by Indie games publisher Plug In Digital and independent development studio ERMedia.


Two Bit Hero is a classic retro metroidvania, that sees us taking on the role of hero. Citizens have been trapped inside a skyscraper and we have to get in, power up, defeat the bad guys, save the people and get out again. But be careful when we encounter a glitch in reality, for it will transport us to a different reality altogether! But perhaps we can use that to our advantage?


  • Handcrafted Experience – Nothing is random.
  • Explore the Levels: We find secrets and treasures.
  • Upgrade our abilities: We will enhance our abilities to defeat our powerfully Bosses and enemies.
  • Defeat enemies: We can vanquish the enemies also by using projectiles and Melee attacks.
  • Retro look and feel – Includes chiptune music by Trevor Lentz (X-O Planets, Citadale, Neon.Code).
  • Easy mode for newcomers to the genre.
  • Carefully balanced gameplay – We’ll have to glitch between both realities to progress
  • Three different endings.

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