Miko Adventures Puffball

Miko Adventures Puffball is a 2D Puzzle platformer. The game should coming on Steam this summer. The game is a Beautiful and colorful 2D puzzle platformer.

About Miko Adventures Puffball

Miko Adventures Puffball tells the story of an epic adventure that merges unique puzzles with challenging platforming and lots of dangers to deal with. In the world of Puffball you play as Miko, a raccoon who lost his way while wandering through the forest, Miko discovers a portal and upon touching it he finds himself in a world full of dangers. 

Miko Adventures Puffball is full of vibrant colors, beautiful scenery, challenging platforming, tons of secrets to discover, and many types of enemies and unique massive levels to get lost into.

Official Gameplay Trailer


  • More than 10 unique levels each with their own style and challenges
  • Massive levels, each with different sections and ways to explore
  • Tons of secrets to find in each level
  • Adorable and interesting story
  • Intense, challenging and interactive gameplay
  • Colorful, cute, unique and detailed art-style
  • Lots of replayability value

To don’t miss any latest news about the League of Legend The Sentinel of Light event follow the creators on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment. We can also Support the developer on Patreon and add the game to our Wishlist on Steam.

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