SIMS4 cottage Living new gameplay

The new feature Trailer shows us new possibilities, that country life offers the Sims: To get to know the local people by a glas in a Pub „The dwarf’s arms” , to cock 16 different Jams, enjoy a beautiful Picknick and learn the new Hobby „knit”. With the property challenge „Rustic life” can we encourage Sims to live from the Nature.

During we grow our own vegetables or collect ingredients and to cock only fresh food. We can also join with our corps to the competition on the markt of Finchwick, to boast the hole place with our success. In Henford on Bagley there are a lot of animals, then Sims can store chicken in henhouse and to collect eggs, make friends with cows for fresh milk, or nurse llamas to shear their soft wool.

New Gameplay of Cottage Living

Further information get you under @TheSims on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on the official Website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment. The Sims 4 country life expansion pack will be released on July 22,2021 for PC and Mac above Origin and Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

For more information about Country Life visit our latest post.

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