Battlefield 2042 new game mode

DICE LA will represented the next important game Mode of Battlefield 2042 on July 22, 2021 by EA PLAY Live. These new game Mode is a love declaration to all Fans of Battlefield.

With the biggest Map of the Series

The 3rd game Mode of Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone, is a new Squad-based game type, that follows a modern approach for the Multiplayer experience. Further details will be released in the following months and on July 22, 2021

By the development of Battlefield 2042 works EA with some of the lead brands together, to make sure, that the next part of the Battlefield Series will be the best. The Partners are:

  • The official Battlefield 2042 consoles partner – Xbox: EA and Xbox had made the Xbox Series X|S together to official console of Battlefield 2042.
  • The official Battlefield 2042 PC-graphic partner – NVIDIA: EA and DICE’s collaboration with NVIDIA ensures the ultimate PC experience thanks to GeForce RTX gaming technology, the AI performance boost from NVIDIA DLSS and the low-latency mode from NVIDIA Reflex.
  • The official Battlefield 2042 PC-equipment partner – Logitech: EA and Logitech work together to ensure for a optimal integration of the LIGHTSYNC-Technology for Peripherals and the Audio-Presets with optimized EQ for Logitech-Headsets.
  • The official Battlefield 2042 Off-Road-Vehicle partner – Polaris: EA and Polaris had closed a partnership, to provide the authentic Polaris vehicles in Battlefield 2042, beginning with the Polaris Sportsman ATV.
  • The official Battlefield 2042 Gaming-Save partner – WD_BLACK: EA and Western Digitals WD_BLACK-brand will create for the huge new World with her realistic maps and dynamic Gameplay of Battlefield 2042 the best possible game experience.

previous announcements

On the beginning of the last month June EA and DICE give us a first view in the next part of the well known Battlefield Series with a official Reveal-Trailer and few days later with the Gameplay-Trailer on June 13, 2021 an impression about the Gameplay. By the reveal DICE has presented with “The full extent of war” one of three Multiplayer Modes. These gaming experience circumstance the next generation of the favorite Mod “breakthrough” and “conquest” for until 128* people on PC and Next-Gen-Console and the biggest maps of the Series with dynamic weather, game chance environmental hazards and spectacular world events. For more entertainment about Battlefield 2042 visit our post:

*Supported for Gen 5 and PC only. Gen 4 is limited to 64 game ends

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