Magialt’s Kansas Panic!

Magialt’s Kansas Panic! is currently being developed by the one-man game development studio Orange Studios.

Magialt’s Kansas Panic! will have a full release on Steam later in 2021

The game is currently in beta with features being added for those who want to try the game in its current form. The beta version of Magialt’s Kansas Panic! is on and GameJolt, ready to be downloaded.

About Magialt’s Kansas Panic!

 It’s is an anime-inspired cross between a bullet hell and a tower defense that takes place in the heartland of the United States of America during the Great War. It takes the aesthetics of the beloved Nintendo GameBoy and uses it to reflect the colorless films of the early 1900s. Defend your turf while dodging the bullets and enemies that come your way to hurt you. As you stand your ground on the battlefield, retro-renditions of classic tunes loved by Americans throughout time will play; including Stars and Stripes Forever, The Yellow Rose of Texas, and, of course, The Star-Spangled Banner. Magialt’s Kansas Panic! is an all-around American game

Magialt’s Kansas Panic! Trailer


In Magialt’s Kansas Panic!, we play as Ulrica Sanford, the sweetest girl we’ll meet from Kansas City, Kansas in the rural stretches of America’s Great Plains. She works as a part-time magical girl defending her hometown from the unseen forces that wish to cause despair and destruction to the proud citizens that live peacefully alongside her.  She believes the work she does is an act of duty in protecting the nation she loves. When she isn’t fighting to defend her people, she works to help her family manage their farm while the father and the oldest brother serve their duties on the actual war being fought far from their home.


  • From the neighbors unseen monsters such as horrifying flower-bird hybrids.
  • Flying cow heads of doom and sentient tornado monsters.
  • There are a cute rodent species known as the Shaqea, who come and supply Ulrica with the things she needs to eliminate the terrifying forces from encroaching Kansas City.
  • With the arsenal and a brave American spirit.

If you want to play the Demo of Magialt’s Kansas Panic! go on or GameJolt.

NOTE From the developer: “When downloading the beta of this game, your antivirus may detect this game as a virus. I can assure you that I do not have any idea about making viruses and Magialt’s Kansas Panic! will do no harm to your computer.” For more information, check the posts about it here.

To don’t miss any latest news about Magialt’s Kansas Panic! follow the creators on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, DeviantArt and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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