Knockout City

Electronic Arts and Velan Studios presented what rowdies can expect in Season 2 in Knockout City at EA Play Live 2021. Beware, spoilers: Season 2 includes a map with constantly changing, movie-inspired arenas, a new ball, new playlists, equipment and rewards.

Knockout City’s fights in the cinema comes to the big screen from July 27th – or at least the screens of the rowdies at home. This season, rowdies can bring their moves to the cinema on a new map called the Holowood Drive-In. The Holowood Drive-In contains movie-inspired playing fields that change in real time – from the “Cathedral of Horror” to the charming “Bridge of Love”, this card has a lot to offer. The new soda ball is also great fun by covering opponents’ screens with sticky soda as they run through graffiti-adorned tunnels and battle around the top of a giant pyramid or castle. Thanks to equipment in the film design, we can step on the red carpet for these blockbuster games in style and show off their fresh look in a new season of league play (with their own glittering rewards), numerous new cosmetic items, new playlists and more.

Knockout City is already available and can be tried out for free up to street rank 25 *. The game offers cross-play and cross-platform progression and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin, Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as, thanks to upward compatibility, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Xbox Game Pass, EA Play and Epic Games Store members can play Knockout City for free.

* Eligibility requirements, restrictions and exclusions:

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