Blade & Soul

NCSOFT declare, that in the Pactor class of  Blade & Soul is now available the third specialization: The path of the grim reaper. The new specification comes with the „Eternal night“ updates.

About Pactor Class

Since its inception, Pactor have been known as a class that focuses on dealing harm and helping one’s group. With the path of the grim reaper, there is now a specialization that makes her the godfather of death. With the attainment of the specialization, the pactor simultaneously lose the ability to summon a demonic spirit, but can use skills such as scythe rush and scythe blow from the grim reaper attitude.

Numerous skills

Skills are also available, such as protective blow, which can be used to create a temporary group shield, or soul gate, which grants soul blessings to all group members within range. Movement skills, for example to dance around opponents or to keep them in check, round off the specialization. Stringing combos together to maintain the Grim Reaper stance (the ability to transform into grim reaper) is the core element of this specialization. Some skills will reduce the time remaining, while others will increase it.

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