The Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition BioWare team has released a new infographic as part of the EA Play Live celebrations, showing the choices made by us in the classic trilogy – from our Shepard to the squad members believed to have survived the suicide squad.

The myriad of choices in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition have resulted in some interesting choices. For example:

  • Mordin has the slightest chance of surviving the suicide squad
  • Wrex survived Virmire for 94% of the gamblers
  • 4% of the players have banned the fan favorite Tali
  • Most Shepards get violent when dealing with annoying press representatives

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is currently on sale on Origin (through July 29th), Sony (through August 4th), Xbox (through August 5th), and Steam (July 29th – August 2nd).

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