Fortnite – Rift Tour

Epic Games announced a new musicality experience for Fortnite: The Rift Tour. From August 07 to 09, 2021 a magic new reality and a successful Superstar will turn the world of Fortnite upside down.

Phil Rampulla, Head of Brand by Epic Games said; “We can’t wait to reveal our chart topper and have fans all over the world celebrate with us.”

„Rift Tour“- Jobs

Suitable to Rift Tour now there are the possibility to make a first number of Rift Tour- Jobs and to unlock rewards. The Rift Tour- Jobs are accessible from July 29 to August 09, 2021

Rift Tour“-Tab in the game

Because the Rift Tour – experience consist out five Shows, that will be organiszed on three different days, the game was added a Rift Tour – Tab. By the Rift Tour – Tab it is possible for players, to register the Show time, that the player will take and to see the newest Rift Tour – Jobs.

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