Power & Revolution – 2021 Edition

The latest expansion of Geopolitical Simulator 4, the ultra-realistic simulator in which we can play as the head of state or as the opposition

Pandemic that begins 2020

In 2020, the pandemic flattened economies, sent debt through the roof, and increased economic insecurity. But at the beginning of 2021, hope was reborn with the arrival of vaccines against Covid-19: the end of the health crisis and the return of growth are on the horizon, and with the inauguration of the new American president, a new era of diplomacy has also begun.

Our task in Power & Revolution – 2021 Edition

As head of one or several nations, win the battle against the virus by carrying out a vaccination campaign, revitalize your economy and move your pawns on the political chessboard with new strategies: the creation of party coalitions, negotiations during meetings of heads of state, free-trade agreements, worldwide taxes, diplomatic initiatives (scientific cooperation, student exchange, year of culture)…
In a vast, highly realistic simulation of the European Union, there are many political conundrums to solve if you want to develop the organization: voting and institutional operation rules, detailed budgets, new taxes, fiscal or social harmonization, commercial agreements..
And there are other challenges to face: in “Biden’s Challenge”, try to reach our ambitious goals as the new American head of state; participate in the German federal elections and if you win, try to form a coalition to govern the country; and with the new worldwide fatality management system, take action to reduce their impact and limit the number of deaths.

Biden’s Challenge

As head of the USA, we must keep all the promises made during the electoral campaign and during the State of the Union Address, more than twenty goals to meet. They mainly cover fiscal policy, massive investments in infrastructure, development of clean energies, ending the health crisis and reducing inequality and discrimination. But tensions in the American population threaten to reemerge, especially with a program that greatly offends the most radical fringes of the conservative opposition.

Simulation of the European Union

The complex operation of the European Union has been incorporated to simulate the cogs in the machine and to allow its development: roles of the executive and legislative, detailed spending and revenue budgets, system of country membership dues, aid payments, economic break-down and ranking of all regions of the member countries, holding elections in Europe. We can propose resolutions within all areas of responsibility in the EU, especially the rules of social and fiscal harmonization between member countries, but we will have to be particularly shrewd and convincing because decisions are made collectively among the nations with sometimes conflicting objectives. In which case, modifying the voting rules will prove particularly interesting. We can also redistribute the annual aid they receive from the EU to try to maximize these subsidies. Scenarios pertaining to the EU are included: “The Beijing-Berlin Silk Road”, “Enlarging the Union” and “The EU, the Leading World Power and Global Democracy”.

Free-trade agreements

Various type of agreements can be proposed. Depending on the economic, political or environmental impact, this will enable us to develop various volumes of trade between countries or the European Union and thus promote economic growth.

New diplomatic initiatives

Countries can collaborate and improve relations by implementing student exchanges program, a year of culture dedicated to a host nation, transnational highway construction, scientific cooperation aimed at making discoveries and sharing them by pooling scientific knowledge and financial means.

Simulation of fatalities

Real fatality data for every country of the world has been integrated into the game. Nearly thirty causes of death are simulated (cancers, stroke, malnutrition, diabetes, heart disease, traffic accidents…) and we can act to reduce these occurrences.

Creation of political coalitions

We can run an electoral campaign or lead a country by allying with other political parties. To do this, we will have to create a common program and commit to allocating governmental posts.

Meetings of heads of state

We can negotiate directly with various independent members, playing on the influences they have on each other and try to change the outcome of the vote that is displayed on the screen. At meetings of the European Union, we can offer reimbursements on membership dues.

This new edition is available on the official website, Steam, and other digital games distribution platforms.
As in previous years, owners of the 2020 edition of Power & Revolution will receive a significant discount on the price of the 2021 edition.

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